Achado bloguístico do dia: The Oliver Reed Film Festival

Oliver's ArmyBlog sobre a carreira do Ollie: The Oliver Reed Film Festival


I looked like Charles Bronson dressed up as a Boy Scout.


Leave me alone. You can’t touch me – I’m one of the Four Musketeers!


I’m not a scholar. If I wanted to be a scholar I would have gone to Cambridge. The only reason I didn’t go to university was because I can’t spell, I can’t add up and I can’t sodding well stand Latin. Now I want off this film because I didn’t sign up to read a script that was full of Latin. So tell Ken Russell to piss off.


It’s impossible for me to go into a pub without having a few problems. It’s a bit like the gunfight at the OK Corral every time. There’s always someone who wants to take me on.


Frases ollianas retiradas do especial:  Booze Legends – The Best of Oliver Reed


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