Marlon Brando e Katy Jurado

Marlon Brando e Katy JuradoDuring the filming of One-Eyed Jacks, he had an affair with one of the actresses. One evening, Marlon invited the woman to his house. Unbeknown to her, he phoned her husband before she arrived, telling him he had been sleeping with his wife for months. When the husband refused to believe it, Marlon asked him to come over – he would leave the door open. When the husband arrived, he found Marlon and his wife naked in bed. That was the end of the couple’s marriage, though Marlon regarded the incident as nothing more than a joke.

– Me and Marlon by Alice Marchak

Presumo que o marido seja Ernest Borgnine e amante seja Katy Jurado, já que eles se separaram naqueles idos.


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