Cem anos de Hermes Pan

Flor de Lótus (Flower Drum Song, Henry Koster, 1961)

Cativa e Cativante (A Damsel in Distress, George Stevens, 1937) Vodpod videos no longer available.

Can-Can (Walter Lang, 1960)

O Picolino (Top Hat, Mark Sandrich, 1935)

Uma Noite no Rio (That Night in Rio, Irving Cummings, 1941)

Pernas Provocantes (Roxie Hart, William A. Wellman, 1942)

Meias de Seda (Silk Stockings, Rouben Mamoulian, 1957)

Vamos Dançar? (Shall We Dance, Mark Sandrich, 1937)

Minha Namorada Favorita (My Gal Sal, Irving Cummings, 1942)

Nas Águas da Esquadra (Follow the Fleet, Mark Sandrich, 1936)

Desculpe a Poeira (Excuse My Dust, Roy Rowland/Buster Keaton/Edward Sedgwick, 1951)

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