Top-dúzia: Ernst Lubitsch

Pois não tinha mais o que fazer e quando não se tem mais o que fazer acabamos por pensar na única coisa que importa. Tem gente que reza, tem gente que sonha, eu particularmente penso no Lubitsch e hoje é aniversário dele.

1- Sócios no Amor (Design for Living, 1933)
2- Ladrão de Alcova (Trouble in Paradise, 1932)
3- A Oitava Esposa do Barba-Azul (Bluebeard's Eighth Wife, 1938)
4- Ser ou Não Ser (To Be or Not to Be, 1942)
5- Alvorada do Amor (The Love Parade, 1929)
6- A Princesa das Ostras (Die Austernprinzessin, 1919)
7- O Tenente Sedutor (The Smiling Lieutenant, 1931)
8- Não Quero Ser um Homem (Ich möchte kein Mann sein, 1918)
9- O Príncipe Estudante (The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg, 1927)
10 - O Diabo Disse Não (Heaven Can Wait, 1943)
11- Boneca de Carne (Die Puppe, 1919)
12- Ninotchka (1939)

A man of pure cinema. – Alfred Hitchcock

Lubitsch was a prince. – François Truffaut

Lubitsch was a giant . . . his talent and originality were stupefying. – Orson Welles

He was the only great director out there. Ninotchka was the only time I had a great director in Hollywood. – Greta Garbo

He could do more to show the grace and humor of sex in a nonlustful way than any other director I’ve ever heard of. – Charles Chaplin

None of us thought we were making anything but entertainment for the moment. Only Ernst Lubitsch knew we were making art. – John Ford

Ernst Lubitsch was the complete architect of motion pictures. His stamp was on every frame of film — from conception to delivery. For high style, romantic comedies and spicy musicals he set a standard that has not been equaled. The Lubitsch ‘touch’ was unique. – Frank Capra

His films were loaded with a kind of wit which was specifically the essence of the intellectual Berlin in those days. This man was so strong that when he was asked by Hollywood to work there, he not only didn’t lose his Berlin style but he converted the Hollywood industry to his own way of expression. – Jean Renoir

Ernst Lubitsch was truly the auteur of his films. He created a style of sophisticated comedy peculiarly his own, as well as a new style of musical, both unknown before his time. His films bore the recognizable and indelible stamp of the gay, clever, witty, mischevious master, whose delightful personality matched his work. I am proud to have known his as a friend and teacher. Lubitsch’s films were truly Lubitsch’s, possessive credit intended. – William Wyler

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