Professor Hubert Farnsworth’s Only Slightly Futuristic Holiday Movie Quiz

1) Best Movie of 2010

2) Second-favorite Roman Polanski Movie

3) Jason Statham or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

4) Favorite movie that could be classified as a genre hybrid

5) How important is foreknowledge of a film’s production history? Should it factor into one’s reaction to a film?

6) William Powell & Myrna Loy or Cary Grant & Irene Dunne

7) Best Actor of 2010

8) Most important lesson learned from the past decade of watching movies

9) Last movie seen (DVD/Blu-ray/theater)

10) Most appropriate punishment for director Tom Six

11) Best under-the-radar movie almost no one else has had the chance to see

12) Sheree North or Angie Dickinson

13) Favorite nakedly autobiographical movie

14) Movie which best evokes a specific real-life place

15) Best Director of 2010

16) Second-favorite Farrelly Brothers Movie

17) Favorite holiday movie

18) Best Actress of 2010

19) Joe Don Baker or Bo Svenson

20) Of those notable figures in the world of the movies who died in 2010, name the one you’ll miss the most

21) Think of a movie with a notable musical score and describe what it might feel like without that accompaniment.

22) Best Screenplay of 2010

23) Movie You Feel Most Evangelistic About Right Now

24) Worst/funniest movie accent ever

25) Best Cinematography of 2010

26) Olivia Wilde or Gemma Arterton

27) Name the three best movies you saw for the first time in 2010

28) Best romantic movie couple of 2010

29) Favorite shock/surprise ending

30) Best cinematic reason to have stayed home and read a book in 2010

31) Movies in 2011 could make me much happier if they’d only

*Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule

Nota: Não vi filmes suficientes de 2010 para fazer qualquer escolha justa. Só citei o roteiro de Rede Social porque é humanamente impossível alguém ter escrito algo melhor do que aquilo e a fotografia de Shutter Island por conta do implacável “Black Narcissus effect”.

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