Achado bloguístico do dia: George Clooney Facts

Oscar Wilde on George Clooney: “I’d hit that.”

George Clooney has a unique gland that produces espresso. (*Só nisso já ganha. Fácil.*)

George Clooney does not deign to fight. He merely stares until you realize you are wrong and he is right.

Batman apologized for not living up to George Clooney.

After George Clooney directed ‘Good Night and Good Luck,’ vampire Joseph McCarthy voluntarily walked into the sunlight.

George Clooney voluntarily gave up his mullet so John Stamos could have a career.

George Clooney has slept with 1 in 5 women in the United States. Any more than that and it wouldn’t be classy.

George Clooney saved Matt Damon from mediocrity.

George Clooney ended the Cosa Nostra by telling them they ‘were getting out of hand’.

George Clooney’s performance in “From Dusk Till Dawn” successfully delayed the onset of teenage vampire movies for 15 years.

George Clooney convinced Mubarak to resign by touching his arm and whispering softly.

Rumors of the CIA replacing all their field operatives with lab grown George Clooney clones are not unfounded.

George Clooney Facts

Nota: Aparentemente ainda não deu tempo de formular um fato por ter sido chamado a dar depoimento sobre o Berlusconi. Agora só temos que esperar e ver o que Clooney fará a respeito de Gaddafi.

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