Feliz dia do Tartan.

Sean Connery

Suddenly, a large wind blew my kilt high up above my waist, exposing me to everybody. That day, they made me their king…
(Craig Ferguson imitando Sean Connery)

Craig Ferguson

Esmond Knight

Peter Cook & Dudley Moore (aka The Sonny and Cher of the British Isles)

James McAvoy

Christopher Lee

Samuel L. Jackson

Gerard Butler

Dennis Price, Alec Guinness & Gordon Jackson

Bing Crosby & Bob Hope

David Duchovny

Alan Rickman

Liam Neeson

Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy

Hugh Laurie

Roger Livesey

Forest Whitaker

Peter Sellers

George Clooney & Paul Adelstein

Michel Serrault


Peter Capaldi

Christopher Lambert

Michael Caine & Roger Moore

David Tennant

Ralph Bunker & Robert Donat

Mr. T

Kyle MacLachlan

Ewan McGregor

Saudade dos anos noventa onde se via o “cock” do senhor McGregor por todo canto.

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