Grandes Tumblrs da Humanidade: Fuck Yeah! Peter Cook

Hitler was a very peculiar person, wasn’t he. He was another dominator, you know, Hitler. And he was a wonderful ballroom dancer. Not many people know that, he was a wonderful little dancer, he used to waltz around with a number “8” on his back. The only trouble was, he was very short, and people used to shout out to him when he was dancing, and say, “Wie kurz du bist – how short you are!” And this of course enraged Hitler. He flew into a tantrum, and he gave up ballroom dancing, and took up wholesale raping and pillaging instead. I like gothic hoards.

Peter Cook & Keith Moon

You know, I go to the theatre to be entertained. I don’t want to see plays about rape, sodomy and drug addiction… I can get all that at home.

Peter Cook, Peter Sellers & Dudley Moore

Q: who is your all-time favorite comedian?
Peter Cook: Groucho Marx
Q: if you could travel in time, would you go forward or backwards?
Peter Cook: backwards
Q: who would you least like to be stuck in a lift with?
Peter Cook: Margaret Thatcher

Peter Cook & John Lennon

Q: do you wear pajamas in bed?
Peter Cook: no
Q: in the boat race, do you support oxford or cambridge?
Peter Cook: cambridge
Q: when was the last time you travel by bus?
Peter Cook: today

Beyond the Fringe: Alan Bennett, Peter Cook, Jonathan Miller & Dudley Moore

Q: if you had a talking parrot, what would be the first thing you teach it to say?
Peter Cook: hello, sir
Q: all time favorite film?
Peter Cook: sweet smell of success
Q: do you like fish fingers?
Peter Cook: no


Q: if you could be a character in history, who would you be?
Peter Cook: myself
Q: do you believe in god?
Peter Cook: yep
Q: do you like cream or brandy butter on your christmas pudding?
Peter Cook: no

Peter Cook, David Bowie & Dudley Moore

Q: do you prefer a bath or a shower?
Peter Cook: bath
Q: do you have all your own teeth?
Peter Cook: yep
Q: do you have a tatoo?
Peter Cook: no

Peter Cook, Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton

Q: if you could spend a night of passion with anyone, who would it be?
Peter Cook: my good lady wife
Q: who’s your best friend?
Peter Cook: amongst others, Dudley

Bedazzled: The Leaping Nuns of the Order of St Beryl

Pete: If you look at his ducks, you see the eyes follow you around the room.
Dud: You noticed that?
Pete: Yer, when you see sixteen of his ducks, you see thirty-two little eyes follow you round the room.
Dud: No, you only see sixteen because they’re flying sideways and you can’t see the other eye on the other side. He never does a frontal duck.
Pete: No, but you get the impression, Dud, that the other eye is craning round the beak to look at you, don’t you. That’s a sign of a good painting, Dud.

Stephen Fry, Peter Cook, Josie Lawrence & John Sessions

Fuck Yeah! Peter Cook – The only Peter Cook that matters

Nota: Absolutamente épica a expressão do Richard Burton naquela foto. Desculpa aí Rich, mas é o Pete, fazer o quê.

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