Tudo que é bom vem aos pares: Mason & Ryan

Essa é uma escolha que estou impossibilitada de fazer. Mentira, no final sempre escolho o Mason, até contra Cary Grant.

Mason’s atypicality rendered him inappropriate for roles that required ‘ordinariness’. John Ellis commented on the tensions between Mason’s matinee idol status and his role in his second American film, Caught (1949). The director, Max Ophuls, wished to cast Mason as the eccentric and cruel millionaire (eventually played by Robert Ryan), but the actor, hoping to to break with his sadistic beast typing, opted for the part of the kind and gentle doctor who rescues the heroine:

A desperarely attractive James Mason is cast as the ordinary doctor in a poor district with whom Batbara Bel Geddes falls in love. Mason, the matinee idol, is meant to incarnate the ordinary and the honest… The film multiplies the indications of ordinariness around him… Yet it only succeeds in intensifying the paradox of the star image.

Mr. March, Mr. Mason and Mr. Maine (Roberta Pearson)

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