Lullaby of Broadway

Perdão, Vincente Minelli, Walt Disney, Michael Powell, Gene Kelly e Bob Fosse, mas esta é a melhor sequência de um musical no cinema – não se poderia esperar outra coisa de Busby Berkeley. Pena que o resto do filme, salvo as demais cenas de dança, não esteja à altura. Muita coisa do que se precisaContinuar lendo “Lullaby of Broadway”

24 Frames: Anna Pavlova / The White Swan (1983)

Rootling through a charity shop some months ago, I found a DVD of a 1985 biopic entitled Anna Pavlova. I’d never heard of it but, being a diehard ballet fan, I couldn’t resist, especially as the box intriguingly proclaimed that it was directed by the great Michael Powell, with a cast including the unlikely combinationContinuar lendo “24 Frames: Anna Pavlova / The White Swan (1983)”

24 Frames: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Michael Powell, 1955)

O meu mestre feiticeiro Um dia quis se ausentar. Seus espíritos tomei E fiquei em seu lugar. Vi suas magias. Vou fazer igual. Farei maravilhas Com força mental! Água, cresce E transborda! Corre, entorna. Cria bolhas! Agora esta tina: ferve! E toda essa água escorra! Vem, dona Vassoura! Entra,Enrola-te nestes panos! Já trabalhaste bastante: Estou,Continuar lendo “24 Frames: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Michael Powell, 1955)”

Margot Fonteyn versus Moira Shearer

We still had to find the dancer. And the actor Stewart Granger – a guy who knew all the girls – told me: “Micky, you’re looking for a girl?” And I said: “Yes, a girl who knows how to talk and dance.” “You know,” he answered, “there is a Scottish girl in the Saddle WalesContinuar lendo “Margot Fonteyn versus Moira Shearer”

24 Frames: The Red Shoes Ballet

Isso é o que acontece quando neguinho resolve fazer uma sequência em live-action do Fantasia do Disney. On a more practical level, the multimedia nature of film has made it the ideal means for achieving a synthesis of poetry, music, movement and drama. Nevertheless, only a handful of filmmakers has attempted the kind of fusionContinuar lendo “24 Frames: The Red Shoes Ballet”

Bibi Ferreira – Michael Powell – Marcia Haydée

The daughter of the house, Marcia, was in the corps de ballet of the opera, a tall, slender naiad with arms and waist and legs and a still, pale, passionate face, which one day might make her a great ballerina. She had the ambition and the temperament. She yearned to come with her grandfather to Paris and London. I promised to help her if she did. She stirred the creative impulse in me. I never saw so slender a creature, with such a will and such passion. Marcia Haydee — a good name. She was sixteen.

24 Frames: Ato 1 – The Sandman (The Tales of Hoffmann, Powell & Pressburger, 1951)

When we proceed to review things, persons, impressions, events and situations which are able to arouse in us a feeling of the uncanny in a particularly forcible and definite form, the first requirement is obviously to select a suitable example to start on. Jentsch has taken as a very good instance ‘doubts whether an apparentlyContinuar lendo “24 Frames: Ato 1 – The Sandman (The Tales of Hoffmann, Powell & Pressburger, 1951)”

Cem anos de Hermes Pan

Flor de Lótus (Flower Drum Song, Henry Koster, 1961) Cativa e Cativante (A Damsel in Distress, George Stevens, 1937) Can-Can (Walter Lang, 1960) O Picolino (Top Hat, Mark Sandrich, 1935) Uma Noite no Rio (That Night in Rio, Irving Cummings, 1941) Pernas Provocantes (Roxie Hart, William A. Wellman, 1942) Meias de Seda (Silk Stockings, RoubenContinuar lendo “Cem anos de Hermes Pan”