Professor Hubert Farnsworth’s Only Slightly Futuristic Holiday Movie Quiz

1) Best Movie of 2010 2) Second-favorite Roman Polanski Movie 3) Jason Statham or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson 4) Favorite movie that could be classified as a genre hybrid 5) How important is foreknowledge of a film’s production history? Should it factor into one’s reaction to a film? 6) William Powell & Myrna Loy orContinuar lendo “Professor Hubert Farnsworth’s Only Slightly Futuristic Holiday Movie Quiz”

‘Round Midnight – Red Shoes

In Wayne’s favorite movie, The Red Shoes, the ballerina protagonist, Vicky, couldn’t make the choice between her husband and dancing, between life and art. Her solution was to throw herself in front of a train; she danced herself to death. I asked Wayne how The Red Shoes might have ended differently. He imagined a modern corrective to Vicky’s romantic fatalism, a dancing Buddha character who seemed a little like himself. “The thing with Vicky was that she was a junkie for those red shoes,” he said. “When she was hit by the train, she passed away, but even in passing away, according to the principle of eternal karma, she’s still locked into the curse of the red shoes, still dancing in death, and can’t stop. So maybe here comes another dancer in modern times, tap dancing, and he has his own junkie problems. But he finds a way to overcome his stuff and change poison into medicine, so he can rescue her from the curse. Vicky forfeited her life for art, but this guy saves her when his life becomes bigger than art.”

Footprints: The Life and Music of Wayne Shorter by Michelle Mercer