Sellers – Powell: Peterloo Day

Ten years before, when I was preparing to make Ill Met By Moonlight, Peter came for an interview as one of the partisans. He is described in my notes as “a sort of India rubber owl”. And now he was, demonstrably, the greatest actor that the electronic age had produced. He was a master ofContinuar lendo “Sellers – Powell: Peterloo Day”

Centenário de Jean-Louis Barrault

*Por Dora Maar (1936/37) Top-10: 1- La Ronde (Max Ophüls, 1950) 2- O Boulevard do Crime (Les Enfants du Paradis, Marcel Carné, 1945) 3- Família Exótica (Drôle de Drame, Marcel Carné, 1937) 4- Beethoven (Un Grand Amour de Beethoven, Abel Gance, 1936) 5- O Mais Longo dos Dias (The Longest Day, Ken Annakin/Andrew Marton/Bernhard Wicki/DarrylContinuar lendo “Centenário de Jean-Louis Barrault”