Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein – Michael Derek Elworthy Jarman

Jarman may take on the Wittgenstein script only to distance himself from his subject, but Wittgenstein also leads to a crisis in Jarman’s own aesthetic sensibility. Jarman likes to assemble cinematic elements through half-conscious and seemingly random association. For example, when the narrator tells us of Wittgenstein’s going to Manchester University to study aeronautics, theContinuar lendo “Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein – Michael Derek Elworthy Jarman”

A Tempestade (The Tempest, 1979)

The only British feature director whose work is in the first rank – Jarman sobre Michael Powell Michael Powell passou mais de vinte anos de sua vida correndo atrás da sua tão sonhada adaptação de The Tempest, do início dos anos 50 até meados dos 70, quando quase chegou às vias de fato com JamesContinuar lendo “A Tempestade (The Tempest, 1979)”