Top-dúzia: David Niven

The hardest thing in the world to do, for a director, is a comedy. If you do a drama, that doesn’t quite come off, you may still have a fairly good drama, but if a comedy does not come off, you’ve got a disaster. There’s no covering up with a comedy. They’re frightfully hard to write, very difficult to direct, and they’re not at all easy to act, as a matter of fact.

Top-dúzia: Ernst Lubitsch (parte 2!)

Impressionante, para conseguir chegar nos filmes “mais-ou-menos” dele, só depois do Top 30. Então, que fique o top-resto: 25- Em Paris É Assim (So This Is Paris, 1926) 26- Czarina (A Royal Scandal, Ernst Lubitsch/Otto Preminger, 1945) 27- A Filha do Cervejeiro (Kohlhiesels Töchter, 1920) 28- Romeu e Julieta na Neve (Romeo und Julia imContinuar lendo “Top-dúzia: Ernst Lubitsch (parte 2!)”

Centenário de Lucien Ballard

O homem, o mito, o diretor de fotografia.