Black Narcissus by Thomas Pynchon

“The film libraries on some of these channels.” Elmina said. “I swear. There was one on last night. I couldn’t sleep. After I saw it, I was afraid ro sleep. Have you seen Black Narcissus, 1947?” Eddie, who was enrolled in the graduate film program at SC, let out a scream of recognition. He’s beenContinuar lendo “Black Narcissus by Thomas Pynchon”

Centenário de Jack Cardiff

Top-dúzia como diretor de fotografia: 1- Narciso Negro (Black Narcissus, Powell & Pressburger, 1947) 2- Sapatinhos Vermelhos (The Red Shoes, Powell & Pressburger, 1948) 3- Neste Mundo e no Outro (A Matter of Life and Death, Powell & Pressburger, 1946) 4- Os Amores de Pandora (Pandora and the Flying Dutchman, Albert Lewin, 1951) 5- AContinuar lendo “Centenário de Jack Cardiff”

Richard Attenborough (1923 – 2014)

Top dúzia como ator: 1- Neste Mundo e no Outro (A Matter of Life and Death, Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger, 1946) 2- A Noite Toda (All Night Long, Basil Dearden, 1962) 3- O Fantástico Dr. Dolittle (Doctor Dolittle, Richard Fleischer, 1967) 4- Fugindo do Inferno (The Great Escape, John Sturges, 1963) 5- Um BeatleContinuar lendo “Richard Attenborough (1923 – 2014)”

Centenário de Wendy Hiller

Top 5: 1- Sei Onde Fica o Paraíso (I Know Where I’m Going! Powell & Pressburger, 1945) 2- O Homem Elefante (The Elephant Man, David Lynch, 1980) 3- Pygmalion (Anthony Asquith/Leslie Howard, 1938) 4- Vidas Separadas (Separate Tables, Delbert Mann, 1958) 5- O Homem Que Não Vendeu Sua Alma (A Man for All Seasons, FredContinuar lendo “Centenário de Wendy Hiller”

Centenário de Marius Goring

Top 5: 1- Nesse Mundo e no Outro (A Matter of Life and Death, Powell & Pressburger, 1946) 2- Sapatinhos Vermelhos (The Red Shoes, Powell & Pressburger, 1948) 3- Pandora and the Flying Dutchman (Albert Lewin, 1951) 4- A Condessa Descalça (The Barefoot Contessa, Joseph L. Mankiewicz, 1954) 5- O Espião Negro (The Spy inContinuar lendo “Centenário de Marius Goring”

(not so) Happy Michaelmas!

Not every man has gentians in his house in soft September, at slow, sad Michaelmas. Bavarian gentians, big and dark, only dark darkening the daytime, torch-like, with the smoking blueness of Pluto’s gloom, ribbed and torch-like, with their blaze of darkness spread blue down flattening into points, flattened under the sweep of white day torch-flowerContinuar lendo “(not so) Happy Michaelmas!”

Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein – Michael Derek Elworthy Jarman

Jarman may take on the Wittgenstein script only to distance himself from his subject, but Wittgenstein also leads to a crisis in Jarman’s own aesthetic sensibility. Jarman likes to assemble cinematic elements through half-conscious and seemingly random association. For example, when the narrator tells us of Wittgenstein’s going to Manchester University to study aeronautics, theContinuar lendo “Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein – Michael Derek Elworthy Jarman”

I feel naked without a moustache.

Major Patrick Leigh Fermor versão Bogarde-Lord Byron ‘Kissing a man without a moustache was like eating an egg without salt.’ The seductive and priapic major’s moustaches had been long, curly and waxed. Point Counter Point – Aldous Huxley, 1928 The seductive and priapic major’s moustaches had been long, curly and waxed. foi a frase maisContinuar lendo “I feel naked without a moustache.”

Ingram & Powell

I had been in on the creation of the Witch’s Sabbath in Rex Ingram’s The Magician, based on Somerset Maugham’s short novel, in which the portrait of the magician was based on Aleister Crowley. In the film Alice Terry has a vision in which she is raped by a faun, danced by Stowitts who wasContinuar lendo “Ingram & Powell”

Centenário de Erwin Hillier

There are so many things in nature that are fascinating. When we used to go out to select locations I would spend hours by myself… I used to find out the time when everything looked most fascinating, when it has character and style, rather than shoot in a flat light. Hillier photographed I Know WhereContinuar lendo “Centenário de Erwin Hillier”

Lean – Powell

Lean quickly mastered the craft of editing sound movies and continued to assist other directors in cutting talkies. He developed his own approach to assembling the footage for a sound picture, virtually ignoring the sound track, and cutting the film primarily by focusing on the images. Michael Powell, who would one day commission Lean toContinuar lendo “Lean – Powell”

Top 5: Pessoas que deveriam ter mudado de nome

1- Steve McQueenTudo bem que ele é um negão de kilt e vai colocar o Fassbender pra trepar por todo o seu próximo filme (compensando o estrago que fez no corpo perfeito dele em Hunger), mas…Steve Fucking McQueen? Sério? 2- Peter CookEste é um nome comum, tem até um politíco australiano com um nome dignoContinuar lendo “Top 5: Pessoas que deveriam ter mudado de nome”

True Likeness by Catherine Grant

True likeness: Peeping Tom and Code inconnu/Code Unknown Related articles Psicanálise, Criptografia, Nazis e Peeping Tom: Emergency Island Direct Emotional Realism: The People’s War, Classlessness, and Michael Powell’s Peeping Tom Leo Marks, World War II codebreaker turned controversial screenwriter

Tudo que é bom vem aos pares: Livesey & Walbrook

This brings us to Clive’s duel with Theo in Berlin, 1902, where an unreal attention to the artifices of honourable action is a sublimation of the real, the visceral, and potentially the homoerotic. The excessive observance of detail before and during the duel marks both the period and the officer class as one fatally disassociatedContinuar lendo “Tudo que é bom vem aos pares: Livesey & Walbrook”

Memórias do inferno

Situação 1 Terapeuta: Por que você não quer falar do Jung? Paciente: Falo suficientemente dele no meu blog. Terapeuta: Então por que não me dá o endereço do seu blog? Paciente: (rindo) Porque não, caraleo. Situação 2: Paciente: Rindo ao olhar para dois alvos em preto e branco, um na parede à sua esquerda, outroContinuar lendo “Memórias do inferno”

24 Frames: Orlando (Sally Potter, 1992)

In Potter’s Orlando the maze opens onto a heath and Orlando runs in Cathy Earnshaw fashion through the hugely exaggerated dry ice of Gothic and melodrama costume films. Similarly Woolf continues to parody Orlando’s absurd belief in a union with nature: ‘Then, some strange ecstasy came over her. Some wild notion she had of followingContinuar lendo “24 Frames: Orlando (Sally Potter, 1992)”

Googie Withers (1917 – 2011)

*Momento Jack Nicholson* Não disse há alguns dias que a Googie Withers deveria ter cuidado? Top-dúzia, então: Nota 1: Só para quem perdeu a conta, Miss Withers fez 5 filmes sob a direção de Michael Powell e, infelizmente, a maioria perdidos, foi inclusive Powell que a alçou de extra para personagem de peso, tornando-a assimContinuar lendo “Googie Withers (1917 – 2011)”

War Starts at Midnight!

É, nem lacrimejei. Art Goes On Forever – A Tribute to The Archers Nota: Faltaram Elusive Pimpernel, The Battle of the River Plate, Oh… Rosalinda!!, Ill Met by Moonlight, One of Our Aircraft Is Missing e Spy in Black, alguns destes compreensivelmente porque não foram devidamente restaurados e seria covardia colocar perto de Narcissus eContinuar lendo “War Starts at Midnight!”

John Sweet (1916 – 2011)

Primeiro e único Sargento Bob Johnson. Semaninha do inferno! Cuidado Sheila Sim, Richard Attenborough, Googie Withers, Glynis Johns, Petula Clark, Christopher Lee e Karlheinz Bohm, vocês são os próximos! Related articles Extreme Film Choice: Michael Powell – Kim Newman A Tale of Two Cities British Queer Cinema: A Canterbury Tale Tea and toasted John Sweet’sContinuar lendo “John Sweet (1916 – 2011)”

Anna Massey (1937 – 2011)

Apesar de ter sido uma atriz predominantemente de teatro e televisão (chegou a ser Gertrude Bell no Jovem Indiana Jones, ao lado de Cyril Cusack como George Clemenceau!) e ter herdado genes cheios de talento, digamos que ela teve “seus momentos” no cinema e TV trabalhando com figurinhas desconhecidas como John Ford (seu padrinho nãoContinuar lendo “Anna Massey (1937 – 2011)”