War Starts at Midnight!

É, nem lacrimejei. Art Goes On Forever – A Tribute to The Archers Nota: Faltaram Elusive Pimpernel, The Battle of the River Plate, Oh… Rosalinda!!, Ill Met by Moonlight, One of Our Aircraft Is Missing e Spy in Black, alguns destes compreensivelmente porque não foram devidamente restaurados e seria covardia colocar perto de Narcissus eContinuar lendo “War Starts at Midnight!”

24 frames: The Edge of the World (1937)

We once had an old cook, a great hand at elaborate pastries. I watched her in the kitchen putting the final touches to a huge pie. Vine leaves, scrolls and curly bits of pastry, all brushed over with a feather dipped in yolk of egg. A final flourish and “There, Master Michael. A pie fitContinuar lendo “24 frames: The Edge of the World (1937)”