Robin Williams (1951 – 2014)

Robin Williams in 1978Top dúzia, então.

1- Hamlet (Kenneth Branagh, 1996)
2- Descontruindo Harry (Deconstructing Harry, Woody Allen, 1997)
3- O pescador de Ilusões (The Fisher King, Terry Gilliam, 1991)
4- Popeye (Robert Altman, 1980)
5- As Aventuras do Barão de Munchausen (The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Terry Gilliam, 1988)
6- Sociedade dos Poetas Mortos (Dead Poets Society, Peter Weir, 1989)
7- A Gaiola das Loucas (Birdcage, Mike Nichols, 1996)
8- Insomnia (Christopher Nolan, 2002)
9- Aladdin (Ron Clements/John Musker, 1992)
10- Gênio Indomável (Good Will Hunting, Gus Van Sant, 1997)
11- Bom dia, Vietnã (Good Morning, Vietnam, Barry Levinson, 1987)
12- Tempo de Despertar (Awakenings, Penny Marshall, 1990)

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