Ilíada e Ardil 22

Several years ago, while teaching a graduate seminar in war literature which included The Iliad and Catch 22, I noted what I felt to be significant thematic resemblances between the two works. My curiosity was suficiently aroused that I wrote to the late Joseoh Heller and asked him if it were possible that Iliad couldContinuar lendo “Ilíada e Ardil 22”

Catch 22: Narcissus & Goldmund

Narcissus & Goldmund, by Herman Hesse, contains a distinct cyclical structure. This structure is contributed to through characters, themes, ideas, times, and places. Each of these elements facilitate the development of an organized, creative work, delving deep into the human psyche to reveal that both Narcissus and Goldmund are players in the same game. ThereContinuar lendo “Catch 22: Narcissus & Goldmund”

Catch 22: Ilíada de Homero – Livro XXIV

Findos os jogos dispersam-se todos; os Dánaos guerreiros às suas naus recolhidos cuidavam somente da ceia e de ao repouso entregar-se. O Pelida no entanto chorava o companheiro dilecto a virar-se dum lado para outro sem pelo sono que a todos domina sentir-se vencido. Lembra-lhe a força de Pátroclo a ingente e provada coragem bemContinuar lendo “Catch 22: Ilíada de Homero – Livro XXIV”

Hermes and the Creation of Space

The Greek God Who was Hermes? The great 19th century German mythographer, W.H.Roscher, identified Hermes as the wind, subsuming under this basic identity all of his other roles and attributes – Hermes as servant and messenger of the sky god Zeus, Hermes as swift and winged, Hermes as thief and bandit, Hermes as inventor ofContinuar lendo “Hermes and the Creation of Space”

Top-dúzia: Eastwood 8.0 – O Diretor

I suppose Clint Eastwood is the most underrated director in the world today…They don’t take him seriously…an actor like Eastwood is such a pure type of mythic hero-star in the Wayne tradition that no one is going to take him seriously as a director. But someone ought to say it. And when I saw (The Outlaw Josey Wales) for the fourth time, I realized that it belongs with the great Westerns…of Ford and Hawks and people like that. And I take my hat off to him. – Orson Welles

Out of the Shadows: A Realistic View of Enlightenment

“Enlightenment is the ego’s ultimate disappointment.” -Trungpa Rinpoche Joel Groover: You had been discussing what enlightenment is and isn’t, from your perspective. Kenneth Folk: We need to get away from the idea that enlightenment is a cosmic bliss out. I find that to be a pernicious and highly prevalent misconception. Everybody wants to think, “Okay,Continuar lendo “Out of the Shadows: A Realistic View of Enlightenment”

Dennis Hopper – O Fotógrafo

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post-Jungian perspectives on archetypes of individuation in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and Island

Abstract: The archetypes of individuation, as proposed by C. G. Jung, have been challenged by post-Jungian writers. Persona, shadow, anima and self offer examples of these new approaches, and their use in the analysis of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and Island highlight some cultural aspects of the novels. C. G. Jung’s classical view ofContinuar lendo “Post-Jungian perspectives on archetypes of individuation in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and Island”

Dennis Hopper: The Legend (1936 – 2010)

*Andy Warhol, 1971 . A gente já esperava por isso a qualquer momento… Top-dúzia da lenda, então. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Nota 1: Tirei Giant do George Stevens porque ele praticamente faz figuração naquele filme e obviamente fui obrigada a deixar uma porrada de filmes bacanasContinuar lendo “Dennis Hopper: The Legend (1936 – 2010)”

Crazy Scotsman

Why do near enough all Sci Fi shows have a slightly crazy scotsman in it? Tell me rest of the world. Are we viewed as crazy drunk barbarians? – Um escocês via YouTube sobre algum video de Lost Pelo mesmo motivo que nós brasileiras somos vistas como promíscuas e vulgares, meu amigo. Mas agora falandoContinuar lendo “Crazy Scotsman”

The Film With the Scene in Which All the Passengers of a Tube Train Turn Yellow

Our thanks to The Governor of the Tower of London, the LondonTransport Executive and Studio Film Laboratories Ltd. FOR TURNING THEMSELVES YELLOW The Boy Who Turned Yellow boasts a script by Emeric Pressburger, and is Powell’s last dramatic film. While restrained by its budget and by its own ambitions, it does feature some impressive andContinuar lendo “The Film With the Scene in Which All the Passengers of a Tube Train Turn Yellow”

Kenneth Anger & Michael Powell por R.B. Kitaj

Michael Powell was a close friend and taught Lem a good deal; he even gave Lem a good part in his film The Boy Who Turned Yellow… he was a legend to me and I loved his films long before I met him… Anger, I only knew casually when he was camping out here inContinuar lendo “Kenneth Anger & Michael Powell por R.B. Kitaj”

The Art of Doctor in the Time of Plague

We claim an art to medicine that complements its science, but historically we have ignored that assertion – almost exclusively – in our attempt to enhance the science in medicine. I believe we must correct this imbalance if we are to be physicians in the full sense. One approach to righting this balance is toContinuar lendo “The Art of Doctor in the Time of Plague”

Só para aceitar melhor a viuvez…

Lembro de quando vi isso ter acreditado que foi gravado só para despistar, já que não faria nenhum sentido qualquer deles virar o Smokey, mas agora claramente penso diferente, não só seria possível, como toda e qualquer coisa ou rumo que tivesse sido dado seria completamente plausível. A resolução deste seriado é o paraíso dosContinuar lendo “Só para aceitar melhor a viuvez…”

Achado … do dia: Letters of Note

. . . . . Letters of Note Pilhas e pilhas de correspondência alheia de grande interesse cultural. É tanta coisa que foi difícil escolher apenas uns pares delas. Algumas mais longas são igualmente indispensáveis, tais como a do Kurt Vonnegut durante a guerra ou da esposa do Aldous Huxley sobre seus últimos dias banhadosContinuar lendo “Achado … do dia: Letters of Note”

Feliz Dia da Toalha

. . . . . . . . . . . A toalha é um dos objetos mais úteis para um mochileiro interestelar. Em parte devido a seu valor prático: você pode usar a toalha como agasalho quando atravessar as frias luas de Beta de Jagla; pode deitar-se sobre ela nas reluzentes praias de areiaContinuar lendo “Feliz Dia da Toalha”