85 anos de Christopher Plummer

Christopher PlummerTop-dúzia, então:

1- O Homem que queria ser Rei (The Man Who Would Be King, John Huston, 1975)
2- Jornada Tétrica (Wind Across the Everglades, Nicholas Ray/Budd Schulberg, 1958)
3- O Informante (The Insider, Michael Mann, 1999)
4- Os Homens que Não Amavam as Mulheres (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, David Fincher, 2011)
5- Doze Macacos (12 Monkeys, Terry Gilliam, 1995)
6- Assassinato por Decreto (Murder by Decree, Bob Clark, 1979)
7- Altas Aventuras (Up, Pete Docter/Bob Peterson, 2009)
8- A Queda do Império Romano (The Fall of the Roman Empire, Anthony Mann, 1964)
9- A Noviça Rebelde (The Sound of Music, Robert Wise, 1965)
10- Malcolm X (Spike Lee, 1992)
11- O Retrono da Pantera Cor de Rosa (The Return of the Pink Panther, Blake Edwards, 1975)
12- Toda forma de Amor (Beginners, Mike Mills, 2011)


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